1. pwesth

    Phone crashes periodically and will no longer flash - what to do?

    Sorry for writing in english. I read german, but I'm out of practice writing it. For a few days, my 4.2 has been crashing periodically. Typically while playing music, taking a photo, writing an email or using some other app. The screen freezes, and then blacks out after a minute or so...
  2. pwesth

    Errors after flashing 4.2 - my phone is a brick

    After flashing, my 4.2 is unresponsive as a brick. The phone froze while downloading some mp3 files to the phone. I tried to remove the battery and reboot. It booted, but froze again with just a shift logo on the screen. I tried to do a factory reset, but this did not help. The phone still...