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May 3, 2018
Sorry for the lack of communication, we are going to improve this in future.
It is hard to find a balance between transparency and what you are actually allowed to say without causing damage.

For example if i say "We start shipping monday" but because of a delay we could not account for (is it delayed shipment of components or whatever) we do not satisfy this deadline, then everyone will be upset "you promised us monday!" so previous communications were a bit conservative with what we are telling to the public.

But as said earlier, we really try to improve there and apologies if it troubled anyone.

At least from a software point of view i am here for questions, answers, anything that comes to your mind (I am a ShiftOS developer and deeply in touch with the Chinese software development team) and what i can tell so far, i have just built the final software image for the assembly stage, so the software at least is not a blocker :)
Hi amartinz

First of all:
Thank you for the info amartinz!
I am very glad to get some information. :) I can't tell how relieving it is to finally get some trustworthy news (FB posts and shiny pictures aren't news in my eyes).

Just to warn you - this is definitley getting off-topic (Delivery 6m) but I still judge it important to explain my point of view:

I can fully understand your concerns related to releasing premature information or making false promisses and the consequences linked to that.
You are right that selling predictions (It is planned that we receive parts on monday) as facts (we receive parts on monday) can create misestimations and disappointment on the customer side.

But in my eye this is exactly what happened:
1. 13/04/2018: The announcement:
"Die Auslieferung startet Ende April!" ( )
The announcement includes the info that asking for information slows down the team which are responsible to deliver the goods.
2. Nothing happens after this announcement.
3. Customers start asking and nothing happens. Due to the request not to slow down the team, they only start asking because they are already frustrated.
4. 03/05/2018: Post on FB (not trustworthy) with update concerning the delivery. ( )
5. Nothing happens.
6. Customer start asking and for two more weeks, there are no reliable information.

So you see that the error you wanted to avoid has been commited twice within a month and created a loss of trust and frustration.
For me, Shiftphone could clearly have anticipated this development.

Shiftphone as a company uses a businessmodel which requires its customers to put money on the desk long before getting the product they paid for. The customer awaits that the money he paid in advanced is handled with responsibility. Therefore Shiftphone needs to build a trustworthy relationship to its customers based on equal communication-levels.

The important thing: the trust has to be on both directions.

That means that Shiftphone needs to have trust in its customers too.
So please don't fear to be judged because there are delays with the parts. This is quite normal for small productions.
Your customers in general don't want their product right away, if the product is linked to a preorder-phase (okay, it's getting close after waiting for 3 months... ;)).
If they wanted something directly, they would go to a shop and buy a f*$k!ng Samsung or whatsoever.
So you see, that you should be able to count on the patience of your customers.
But please don't put your customers trust at risk by misleading information or a lack of communication.

I hope you can read this in a constructive way.
It is hard to find a company which produces a solid phone without trying only to maximize the profit.

Please keep doing your work!

Best regards
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ShiftOS Developer
ShiftOS Developer
Mar 19, 2018
Wolfsberg, Austria
Thanks alben,

I totally agree with you and i will forward that to our support and communications team.
Also i did already bring up the FB post in question, which says both "we are going to" and "we have already".

Thanks again for all the feedback! :)
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May 18, 2018
Hi dear Shift-Team,

I am asking myself if everyone who pre-ordered the 6m will get it in June.
It seams that the first big wave (~700 pieces) is out and I'm not under the recipients. (I've ordered the 5pro)
It's not a problem at all but later in July I want to be on a longer vacation. I need a better smartphone at this time and I want to set it up before I leave Germany.
As I don't want to delay everything I'm asking here in the Forum, so that other people, with similar questions, about the actual state, will get an answer, too.

->So what is the current state?

Yours sincerely,


ShiftOS Developer
ShiftOS Developer
Mar 19, 2018
Wolfsberg, Austria
Hello Daniel,

Users who have ordered the 5+/5pro need to contact support to let them know they want a 6m instead of a 6mq.

I have forwarded your case internally, if you have ordered with the same email as you have registered here on this forum, you will get contacted.
Otherwise, please contact the support to let them know you want a 6m :)


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May 15, 2018
I got my shift 6m today. thank you very much (I ordered end of january 2018). will get my hands on at the weekend


ShiftOS Developer
ShiftOS Developer
Mar 19, 2018
Wolfsberg, Austria

That said, i am going to close this thread for organization purposes.

If there are any other questions, critics or whatever, please open a new thread.

Thanks to everyone! :)
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