SHIFT5me SP Flash Tool Error


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May 23, 2020
Dear users, I am trying to flash SP 5.3 using SP Flash Tool 5.1916 in Ubuntu. I downloaded the Stockrom SHIFT5.3.LAD.V01.20171221. After starting download and connecting the phone, I receive following Error:

Failed to Connect DA: S_DA_SOC_CHECK_FAIL(3017)
BROM Exception! ( ERROR : S_DA_SOC_CHECK_FAIL (3017)

[User] SOC verification fail!

I used the following tutorial:

However, my version of SP flash tool requires an ''authentication file'' in addition to the ''scatter file'', which is not explained in the tutorial. Might the error occur because of this? In that case, how do I get the authentication file?

Thank you, all best!