Recover from discharged battery


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17 September 2019
I would like to share my experience to recover from a discharged battery (sorry that my German is not that good and I have to write it in English).

I accidentally made a battery heavily discharged, probably due to using a low power charger and leaving the phone off for over a week.
The symptom is: When I plug it the charging cable, the red LED light blinks but the screen is black. Normally, there should be a battery logo telling you how much % charged in the battery.

What I did was:
1. Use a good battery (borrow from a friend or buy a new one)
2. No need to put the backcover back. Leave it open.
3. Plug the charging cable with a good charger (at least 5V 2A).
4. Power On the phone until it goes to the main screen.
5. Quickly get the good battery out from the phone and put the discharged battery into the battery slot.
6. Leave the phone for about 15 minutes. The phone appears to keep charging.
7. Unplug the charging cable. Leave the phone at rest for a few seconds.
8. Power on the phone
9. As soon as the Shift logo appears (yeah! half way success!!), plug in the charging cable and the discharged batter is alive! Keep on charging until it is fully charged.

It was just my isolated experience but I hope it helps some of you :)